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Select planning

After starting the application, you are in the main menu. Here you can directly call a DEMO to get an impression of how the software works. If you have received a planning ID from your architect, you can enter the ID here and then enter the corresponding planning.

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Select quality level

The ArchVizViewer works on a large number of different devices. Therefore, it is necessary to provide different variants of planning visualization for low-power and high-performance devices. With the slider you can set whether you want to load the optimized version for mobile devices or if you want the best display. The higher the level, the more powerful your device has to be, otherwise the display will be jerky or not react at all. If the presentation is too slow, try a lower quality level. If everything is running smoothly, it could work with a better look - just give it a try.

Camera control: Eye perspective

Control in the browser

The WASD keys move the camera through the scene. If you keep the mouse button pressed and move the mouse, the viewing direction changes. Of course, both are possible at the same time. If the movement through the scene is too slow for you, hold down the left shift key as well - then the camera will "run" through the scene.

Control on mobile devices

The two control panels work like a joystick. First, put your finger on the appropriate control surface - this is the zero point. If you move your finger slightly in one direction, the control starts. The further you move your finger from zero, the faster the movement in the scene. Moving your finger back to zero makes the movement slower to a stop. The direction of view is also controlled by the other control panel. Use both thumbs for control when holding the unit in front of you or place the unit on a table and use your forefingers for control.

Camera control: rotation camera

Control in the browser

With the mouse button you can move the camera around a point in the scene. You can also use the cursor keys to rotate the camera. The WASD buttons, on the other hand, shift the rotation center of the camera. You can thus center each room. With the mouse wheel, you can bring the camera closer to the rotation point or view the scene at a greater distance.

Control on mobile devices

Use one finger to rotate the camera. With the usual 2-finger gesture, you can zoom in and out of the rotation center. Use three fingers to move the rotation center of the camera.

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