Efficiency through expert knowledge

Many software development vendors have different departments and experts, most of whom specialize in one area: programming, graphics and conceptual design. This, of course, involves considerable effort and processes in the coordination between the different departments. Other "hidden" costs then usually also run up for the corresponding project organization and the management.

That does not happen to you here. All the important know-how and many years of experience - both factors that contribute significantly to a successful project - are bundled here and from a single source: As a project-experienced graduate engineer in computational visualisation, I offer you irreplaceable expert knowledge and professional software development in personal union. This eliminates many hours of coordination between departments. Decision-making processes are much more efficient and do not take hours or even days. If you choose us as a service provider, your software project can be implemented quickly and efficiently. This makes your project more cost effective.

Costs and hourly rates

Every software project is individual. Therefore, one can not set a general base price or specify a fixed general hourly rate. Basically, any development can always be divided into the following areas with different hours required (all information plus VAT):

Cost per hour depends on project size:
Small (<3 Days) Midsized (3-15 Days) Big (> 15 Days)
Concept: 170 € 130 € 85 €
Programming: 165 € 120 € 80 €
Artwork: 140 € 100 € 75 €
Consultation: 130 € 90 € 70 €
Test / Training: 110 € 80 € 65 €


A lot goes much faster with Unity3D than you think. We do not have to reinvent the wheel every time, but rely on existing, proven modules that we adapt to your needs. For bigger projects we offer you an attractive fixed price. We are happy to prepare an individual estimate for your project.