Individual software for every target group

With your own individual software, you can reach the whole world cost-effectively today. Digital, worldwide networking and technical reach form the basis for the development of our products. Our goal is satisfied customers who experience absolute premium quality on their devices.

In order to achieve this goal, the conditions of older hardware must also be taken into account. That in turn requires corresponding optimizations. Good software runs on a wide range of devices - from older, low-power devices to the latest high-end products. Only then can the maximum of users be achieved.

Mobile devices also have differences that are critical to their range: the share of Android devices in the overall mobile market strongest. However, the middle and higher management of many companies work with the relatively expensive Apple devices. Therefore, iOS will always play a role in the development of software. It therefore depends on the defined target group which mobile devices are to be supported.

User Interface

Different device classes are also to be considered in the development of software. An application that is easy to use on PCs and tablets can not be automatically transferred 1: 1 to mobile devices. The small screen and the "fat fingers" make very special demands on the development of a user-friendly interface. The mix of touch and mouse operation on the PC also requires different solutions. In addition, there are new, reality-expanding applications, such as augmented reality with the corresponding AR glasses. Especially the HoloLens from Microsoft presents the programmers with completely new challenges when it comes to the development of meaningful and intuitively applicable operating concepts.

A 3D world works independently of the user interface and can therefore later be merged with different user interfaces. Thus, we are able to create different user interfaces for all device classes, whereby the 3D core always remains the same. For classic 2D applications, however, this would not work easily.


We are experts in Unity3D development. Our most important tool since 2009 is the Unity3D engine. This means that we can develop software for all available platforms - whether it's about "classic" devices like PCs or MACs, or whether smartphones and tablets are the focus. We can also offer developments in new areas such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality, since we also support state-of-the-art hardware with our technology. A big plus here is the common software base, which allows for easy customization to any platform, allowing for flexible development while keeping development costs under control.

International sales

With modern software you can reach your customers worldwide. Our visualizations are therefore designed for international distribution. For this to succeed, we also offer the professional integration of multiple languages, which can greatly increase the reach of your software or app.