Offer phase / decision to prototype

From the information provided by you, we create a rough technical concept. Here it is noted which functions should be implemented. Based on this, we create a project plan with a corresponding cost estimate. If there are still open questions, we can either clarify these together by phone or a prototype will be created first. Afterwards, development can begin. If desired by you, all details are recorded in a specification.

Conception and project management

Before it is even clear what exactly should be implemented, a concept must be created. A concept describes in detail which functions are needed and how exactly they should be realized. For complex projects, outsourcing this step to a prototype makes sense. Only when all details in their implementation are clearly defined, a reliable estimate can be generated.

We also check whether all work can be done by ourselves or whether we need additional work from external specialists. If we need external help or provide us with a partner for specific tasks, we coordinate the procurement and integration of the components in the project for you.


For the programming we use the language c # throughout the project. Strictly speaking, we use a combination of Microsoft's .net and the free cross-platform .net variant Mono - depending on the required target platform. We can also integrate existing c ++ program libraries into our projects. But here we also have to check whether they also work on all required platforms.

If you also want to run functions on servers, we use PHP and JavaScript. Required server software we develop for Windows as a .net c # project. The communication between client and server is realized by means of sockets and WebSockets or via HTML form or REST queries. But we also have the Unity internal multiplayer network solutions available.

Graphic work in 2D and 3D

For 2D graphics editing we use Photoshop and Inkscape. For the high-quality rendering of 3D objects special texture variants for different shaders are needed. We are happy to prepare data provided by you so that we can continue to use it. However, when it comes to creating completely new graphics for illustrations or user interfaces, we are also happy to work with professional service providers and suppliers, such as: Advertising agencies.

In the 3D area we use 3D-Studio MAX for the processing of 3D data. Here, above all, the optimization of 3D data is our main task. Depending on the project, the meshes have to be subdivided in a certain way, e.g. to hide individual elements. Or you need to create level-of-detail variants of a CAD model. We can take on these tasks ourselves. However, when it comes to the complete creation of complex animated 3D models, we prefer to contact a specialist in 3D graphics.


Technological development is progressing rapidly. Always new technologies are available for software developers. The fields of augmented, mixed and virtual reality open up completely new possibilities for visualization in industry, architecture, logistics, sports and the entertainment sector. To get an overview of which technology in which application is the best solution for your idea, we are happy to assist you. Of course, this offer also applies to classic 2D and 3D applications that are to be used on the computer or on the tablet.

Just let us know by e-mail, what it's all about - we will arrange a telephone or Skype appointment. A first short assessment is free for you. The hourly rate for further, detailed advice is 85 € plus VAT.


For a smooth project process from A to Z, of course, we also take on all the tasks that are necessary for the publication of your individual software solution. Here are e.g. to consider the topics manual, localization, translation, distribution channel and monetization as well as planned advertising measures.

There are several variants for distribution, e.g. direct download from your website, integration with Apple, Google or Microsoft stores, or the classic way of installing from CD or DVD. What is the best way for you and your customers, you decide after our detailed consultation.

If you need an accompanying website for your software project, we are happy to work with your advertising agency or recommend a suitable agency.