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To be present. digital, at any time, in the best light.

The 3D tile finder is a sales tool for the digital and extremely realistic presentation of material catalogs. As a manufacturer of any size, you can offer the market all your products and tile designs in a timely manner. And completely independent of the presence on retail space.

The dealer always has everything at his fingertips and can provide end customers with sales advice with the 3D tile finder. No matter whether he is in the business or with the iPad as a handy, mobile presentation solution in the consultation with the customer directly on site.

Surprisingly real and intuitively simple

In conversation between retailers and end customers, the 3D tile finder is the convincing extra - a quantum leap over photos, catalog images and renderings! His service? Very intuitive and playful easy! Tiles can be interactively rotated, zoomed and comprehensively explored in a virtual presentation room by touch on the iPad or per mouse click on PC and MAC. The light incidence changes depending on the perspective. And thanks to realistic surface effects, everything looks exceptionally real and close enough to touch.

No matter if noble ceramics, glazed porcelain stoneware, glass, polished marble, polished granite or even brushed sandstone: even in details with grooves, grooves, gloss and contours, the 3D tile finder is in a class of its own. With guaranteed amazing effects - and of course all important information such as dimensions, variations, material, coating, manufacturer and brand!

Compact and versatile - the 3D tile finder as a digital catalog

As a producer, does it bother you to regularly supply dealers with expensive glossy catalogs? Stop it! The 3D Tile Finder replaces catalogs, presents surfaces in breathtaking perfection, and gives retailers new ways to bring products closer to the man and woman than ever before.

Passing function: If the end customer wants to think again in peace, the dealer gives him a small card with access code. This makes it easy to call up a tile selection at the customer's home and look at it until a purchase decision has been made. Maybe for your product?

Lower costs for showroom tiles

By using the 3D tile finder as a digital catalog, the consumption of pattern tiles can be decisively reduced. This results in a considerable savings potential for your company: The library in the 3D tile finder can be updated at any time so that your dealers are always supplied with their current product range.

Use as a sales tool

rovide your authorized dealers and interested consumers worldwide with a customized version of the 3D tile finder, free of charge. This step will save merchants the licensing costs of the 3D Tile Finder and ensure that your partners will only see your tile assortment in the software. You also have the advantage of being able to publish your access code to your individualized 3D tile finder in all media and to market it as a modern customer service - for Windows, Macintosh and on the iPad.

Installation of your brands

Would you also like to integrate your tiles into the 3D tile finder? Send us high-resolution photos of your tiles and ambient images. Based on the ambient images, we recognize the gloss and surface structure as well as the mirror effects of the individual materials. We will prepare the data for you and bring your tiles into our software. The cost of installation depends on the number of tiles per brand. We will gladly send you a concrete offer.

The 3D tile finder. Create opportunities - make sales.

Be there and take advantage of opportunities:

  • Your complete program is accessible when the dealer uses the 3D tile finder in the sales pitch
  • Effective display of tile surfaces on PC, MAC and of course the iPad - a quantum leap over paper
  • No matter which tile, which material, which surface finish, which colors: The 3D tile finder convinces
  • The use of expensive, printed catalogs is reduced
  • All products and designs are presented with always maintained and up-to-date illustrations, data and additional information