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Here are already completed projects and apps whose content is no longer maintained. Detailed information and additional pictures can be found in the submenus.

Race Director Prototyp

The presentation of car races on the basis of recorded GPS data was successfully implemented with this prototype. An extension of the prototype for the analysis of the trips was also successfully carried out.

UI Text Format Manager

A tool, which is the revision of complex user interfaces in the Unity3D engine from version 4.6. facilitated.


This application is a mobile materials catalog that is easy to use and works as an app on the iPad. Thanks to an intelligent search mask, dealers and customers can call up and view more than 1000 current tile designs from major German manufacturers at any time.

Melos Granules Designer

An interactive software for the PC, which offers the customers of Melos GmbH the opportunity to put together their desired floor coverings made of plastic granules in a virtual 3D world and implement their own ideas directly. The result is immediately visible - the color effect of different floors can be experienced first hand in three different scenarios in the highest 3D quality.

Unity3D-Addon Light Setting Manager

The Light Setting Manager is an extension for Unity3D in version 3 and 4. There the possibility was created to load and save different Lightmaps for an existing scene. So a scene with different lighting moods can be used. Since Unity3D version 5, a different lighting middleware is used, so that the old method does not work anymore with the Light Setting Manager.

Prototyp 3D-Fliesenwelt

This was the first prototype for a virtual bath, in which all surfaces / materials can be exchanged as required. An interactive 360 ° rotation camera allows a clear view of the color scheme of the room.


Game Flow Analyze Tool

This part of the website presents my diploma thesis in the field of computer game analysis and measurement of Flow, which I created in 2005 at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. The software developed in this work has been updated until 2011 for practical use in the computer games industry.

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