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The 3D tile finder works as a digital material catalog - anywhere and anytime for a three-dimensional tile presentation that is completely convincing. Regardless of whether you are in discussion with customers in your business or with a handy iPad on the spot to advise where the product behind the wall should.

Breakthrough and convenient: the digital tile presentation

The 3D tile finder is now convincing in the customer discussion: The high-resolution, three-dimensional presentation of tile surfaces of all kinds is of outstanding quality. In addition, atmospheric ambience pictures of dream bathrooms and luxury kitchens inspire: Customers can view selected tile trends in combination with floors, furniture and home interiors. An option that not only works as a valuable visual supplement, but also reduces the clutter of catalogs and brochures along the way!

Intelligent color search

Your customer wants a specific color? With the 3D Tile Finder the search is faster than ever: The integrated color search with intelligent color analysis finds out all matching products in the desired color from up to 16 different color shades per tile - and this even across brand boundaries!

Brilliant presentation quality: Your customers will be amazed

The 3D tile finder - a quantum leap over photos, catalog illustrations and renderings! His service? Achieve intuitive and playful easy! Tiles can be interactively rotated, zoomed and comprehensively explored in a virtual presentation room by touch on the iPad or per mouse click on PC and MAC. The light incidence changes depending on the perspective. And thanks to realistic surface effects, everything looks exceptionally real and close enough to touch.

No matter if noble ceramics, glazed porcelain stoneware, glass, polished marble, polished granite or even brushed sandstone: the 3D tile finder is in a class of its own, even down to the smallest details with ribbing, grooves, gloss and contours. With guaranteed amazing effects - and of course all the important information that goes with them: dimensions, variations, material, coating, manufacturer and brand!

Stress-free consultation process and unique service

What to do if customers want to think again in peace? Then you inspire with a contemporary solution! Leave your customers in the conversation as an exclusive extra a small card and access code to the 3D tile finder. At home, the customer can use it to call up your tile selection on an iPad or computer and look at it until the purchase decision is made.

As a reminder of the consultation, you can send a screenshot of all your favorite tiles by e-mail to your customers directly from the 3D tile finder! This is how the 3D tile finder works not only as a digital catalog and perfect presentation solution, but also as a revolutionary, customer-binding quality turbo in a sales talk: You can advise in a targeted, efficient and sales-strong way!

The 3D tile finder. Binds customers, creates sales, makes sense.

Be there and sell more:

  • They go into the sales talk with the complete program of German tile manufacturers
  • The operation is intuitive and easy to play
  • The effective display of tile surfaces on MAC, PC and the iPad delights your customers - anytime, anywhere
  • No matter which tile, which material, which surface finish, which colors: The 3D tile finder convinces
  • Provide a unique service - by allowing customers to access the full range of tiles from specific manufacturers via home code
  • Lifestyle makes the difference, living dreams inspire: Ambience pictures create flair and show trends
  • All tiles and designs are presented with always maintained and up-to-date illustrations, data and additional information