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Additional software

In addition to the software for data evaluation "Video Analyzer" and data evaluation "Flow Player" are still more, some freely available programs necessary.

Gameplay recording

For the recording of the course of the game, the included software of the Capture hardware should suffice for the TV-Out measuring setup. For automatic measurement, however, it must be possible to show the system time in the video so that the data synchronization can be performed.

The screen capture model requires appropriate software, such as "Techsmith's Camtasia Studio". Here it is possible to record the system time and make precise specifications for the video creation. In order for the video recording does not require too much disk space, efficient compression should be chosen. It has been shown that the "DivX-Codec" is well suited for this. Furthermore, the screen resolution of the game should be set to the lowest setting so that the CPU load (video compression) through the screen capture process is as low as possible.

Players record

The recording of the player should be made by the supplied software of the camera. The requirements for this video depend on the facial expressions software that is not yet available. In the previous experiments, a low resolution and black and white was recorded in order to keep the data volume manageable.

Data recording

For automatic flow measurement, the measured values of the "Lightstones" must be tapped and recorded. Since software is not included in the game for this purpose, a "Lightstone Monitor" program developed by Bryan Ingram must be used. This program, which can be obtained free of charge, can record the measured values.