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GODELMANN wall planner

With the wall planner developed by us for the company GODELMANN GmbH & Co. KG, gardeners can now plan their walls themselves in real time, view them in 3D and order them directly. In just a few seconds, various wall systems, such as KLASSIKLINE and MIX & MATCH (GARDA-, DECA- and MOLINALINE), are reproduced realistically. The customer has the choice between different laying patterns, combined with the choice of selecting possible materials for each stone type system.

Even inexperienced visitors will quickly find what they are looking for: an assistant simply guides the customer through the various options, so that after a few mouse clicks the dream wall is finished. Sample images explain technical terms and select the correct cover stones to match the wall. If the automatic laying of the stones does not fit the pattern expectations of the user, the wall generator can at any time create another wall with the desired characteristics. For even more individual wishes and features of the masonry, manual adjustments are possible at any time. In order to obtain a truly error-free planning and calculation, the Wall Planner checks every special modification (for example, whether certain corner stones are possible or not) after each change has been made, before an offer is made.


For the ordering process, a PDF file with the article list and a laying plan are created, so that the desired masonry can be implemented exactly as planned. The laying plan maps each wall segment stone by stone and designates each single stone according to size and material. In the wall planner, an export function tailored to the ERP system facilitates the further dispatch process of GODELMANN: Incoming orders can be processed even faster and more flexibly than before. In this case, the existing storage system of individual stones or stone sets is taken into account.

Our wall planner runs in all modern browsers with WebGL support. Standalone versions for Windows and MacOS are also available for in-house offline use. If you would like to try out the wall planner yourself, please click here:


  • Assistant for easy creation of your own desired wall
  • Automatically create walls with different wall systems (KLASSIKLINE, MIX & MATCH)
  • Automatic laying patterns in different variants
  • Automatically created walls have up to four corners incl. Correct toothing of the wall segments independent of the laying pattern
  • Support for cover stones as well as check for necessary corner stones
  • Manual adjustment of the wall generation options
  • interactive 3D presentation with 2D editing function
  • Manual adaptation of the automatically generated wall following:
    • Removing and inserting single stones
    • Exchange of neighboring single stones
    • Change of the used materials
  • PDF export for quotation and installation planning
  • stone list export for the used ERP system at GODELMANN