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2014: 3D bathroom planner Ambivision.App (extension)


The interactive 3D bathroom planning for websites and mobile devices (tablets) developed for M3B Service GmbH in Schmallenberg has been comprehensively expanded. Sloping ceilings and individual spaces can now be created. In addition, the look of the 3D models has been improved and the lighting simulation has been expanded. Windows now bring simulated light into the premises. Furthermore, tests were carried out for the integration of high-quality tile textures.

2013 / 2014: 3D bathroom planner Ambivision.App


For the M3B Service GmbH from Schmallenberg, an interactive 3D bathroom planning for websites and mobile devices (tablets) was developed. With a few "steps", a complete (dream) bathroom including sanitary facilities and changeable wall surfaces can be put together individually. The intuitive operation and the tidy user interface in the software also allow laypersons to easily create a professional bathroom planning that leaves nothing to be desired. You can find out more directly on the product website of M3B von M3B.


  • Multiplatform application: Webplayer for PC & MAC; App for iOS and Android Tablets
  • complete planning completely in 2D and also in 3D possible
  • Language integration DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, RU
  • extensive material editor
    • Create any tile combinations
    • Free rotate, move and scale textures
  • Easy operation from start to finish

Support via M3B Service GmbH

Support for this software is provided by M3B Service GmbH. If you have problems logging in or pricing inquiries about Ambivision.App, please contact the M3B hotline: +49 (0 29 72) 97 25 - 0.