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2012: 3D-Fliesenfinder

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The 3D Tile Finder is a digital material catalog / app for the mobile presentation of tiles of all kinds. With no effort and long search customers and merchants have access to over 1000 tile designs of major German manufacturers such as STEULER, GROHN or MEISSEN KERAMIK and many more!


  • Multiplatform app: PC, MAC, iPad
  • Innovative look guide
  • Bundles tile catalogs of major German manufacturers
  • Intelligent search for colors, names and order numbers
  • Updatable tile library

Information for manufacturers

Be present at the merchants with all the tiles - the complete program. This works out! As part of a comprehensive market overview. Digital, three-dimensional and anytime: in the revolutionary 3D tile finder on PC, MAC and the iPad. This is how your tiles are found - and sold! With a light hand, it also opens up niches and new markets. Learn more

Information for merchants

What the market has to offer - you show it! The complete program of German tile manufacturers such as STEULER, STRÖHER, GROHN or MEISSEN KERAMIK in the revolutionary 3D tile finder, a digital catalog on PC, MAC and the iPad. Always neat, up-to-date data and realistic presentations - even as an uncomplicated sales tool for on the go.

From the standard tile to the trend variant in a width that would definitely break any shop floor. Advise your customers as professionally as never before! Learn more

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3D-Fliesenfinder Newsticker

April 2018: Sales will be discontinued for the time being. An update of the app is under review.

April 2014: New prices - now also for private customers! Visit our online shop.

July 2013: Demo update: New brands available! 1,440 tile designs from 10 German brands available in the full version.

February 2013: Download the User Guide to the 3D Tile Finder.

November 2012: New feature available in version 1.1: Serial names can now be customized.